International Real Estate Listings – My Podcast Interview

Joshua Kanter Discusses Real Estate in Dominical Costa Rica

by Taylor White

The IREL Podcast by Taylor White > Dominical Costa Rica real estate > Joshua Kanter Discusses Real Estate in Dominical Costa Rica

Joshua Kanter Discusses Real Estate in Dominical Costa Rica

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I had the pleasure to sit down and speak with Joshua Kanter from Properties in Costa Rica in Dominical Costa Rica – and we will get down and dirty with the Dominical real estate scene – and have you coming away wanting to investigate it’s local property market further – or, cross it off your short list entirely and continue listening.

Right now from Josh you will learn:

  • Why he passed on the more well known expat communities of Jaco and Tamarindo – and why he believes you could do the same.
  • What constitutes properties located inside the Maritime zone – and then how those are different than fee simple titled properties.
  • Where the heck Dominical is even located on a map of Costa Rica – and what lies all around it.
  • The exact types of properties Josh is recommending today – and explains what “suitcase ready” means and how you can profit.
  • Breaks down strategies to get money together to buy Dominical real estate – and shares data on what percentage of buyers pay with cold hard cash.

Josh’s contact details:Joshua Kanter Discusses Real Estate in Dominical Costa Rica

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2 thoughts on “International Real Estate Listings – My Podcast Interview

  1. Hello,
    I have just started to research Costa Rica for investment/rental that would also work into being able to retire in about 5 years. After purchasing a house, I plan to rent it out for so many months and vacation there until I retire.
    I would like information on what all to do in the area, how far is the airport from Dominical, real estate taxes, etc.
    basically everything I’d need to know before buying. If you could help me get a great start, I’d appreciate it!

    Thank you,

  2. Thanks for your message. i will write you an email with the info you are requesting. Here are some Blogs I wrote on how to get here, our area, and the local attractions. You can rent a car in San Jose and drive here in 3 to 3.5 hours. We are in the Southern Pacific Zone just south of Quepos if you look on a map and in Dominical-Uvita-Ojochal area…

    Getting Here –
    The Costa Ballena Area –
    Area Beaches –
    Area Restaurants –
    Area Activities –

    Also a blog on FAQ’s for Purchasing Property ( You also asked about taxes, which a common question, so here is some more info…..


    Property Taxes: Property taxes in Costa Rica are only 0.25% of property value. So a $100,000 property would pay only $250 per year in property taxes.

    Corporation Tax: There is a new corporation tax which is $180 for inactive corporations like the one that would own the property and $360 for active corporations.

    Luxury Tax: Only applies to homes with $200k plus construction value. So only if it costs more than that to build the home; and it can be another 0.25% up to 0.4%.

    Transfer Tax: If you were to purchase a property, there are approximately 2% transfer taxes included in the closing costs. Closing costs total about 4% of the property value for lawyer’s fees, transfer tax, stamps, etc and are typically split between the buyer and seller.



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